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Using Maven to build & deploy SOA/BPEL project on SOA Suite 11gRx

The Maven integration with SOA Suite 11gRx is lacking but Oracle provide since version 12c a better integration with the tools: The ANT script provided in $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/Oracle_SOA1/bin give some facilities to build, compile and deploy. This is working fine … Continue reading

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Installing a development environment platform on Ubuntu 13.10

It might be useful to have an environment for developing Java application. For that using Maven (with ANT) and Artifactory might help you to speed up the build & compilation process by helping you to manage all your libraries dependencies. … Continue reading

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SOA/BPEL publishing to a remote JMS queue using JMSAdapter

AFAIK, there are multiple way for a SOA/BPEL process to publish to a remote JMS Queue. The following link can be applied depending on your technical needs (performance, relability, scalability,…): SAF agent service (Store and Forward) : Message bridge … Continue reading

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VitualBox Tips

Start automatically your VM on Windows restart On the start menu, type the command, and put a shortcut of your batch file (or simply create a shortcut from your VBOX, right click on your VM and click ‘Create shortcut on … Continue reading

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Having access to your home machine(s) with Guacamole (html5 graphical session) and ShellInABox (terminal session)

Have you ever ask, when you are at your customer’s site how you can access to your home machine(s) from your customer’s LAN ? I have tested many solutions: – Oracle Secure Global Desktop : (with proxy traversal activated) … Continue reading

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Installing Ubuntu 13.10 on Oracle VM server 3.2.6

Even if this OS is not supported officially, you can install the Ubuntu Desktop 13.10 on your OVM server 3.2.6 When installing OS (Windows; *Nix like, or Ubuntu), you might select USB mouse Tablet for the mouse device, otherwise, you … Continue reading

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Hermes JMS and t3s connection

Hermes JMS is a great tools delivered/packaged with SOAPUI and allow us to interact with JMS provider.  When setting up the connection to a non-secure JMS server using t3 protocol, there are no major issue. However, once you need to … Continue reading

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