SOA/BPEL publishing to a remote JMS queue using JMSAdapter

AFAIK, there are multiple way for a SOA/BPEL process to publish to a remote JMS Queue. The following link can be applied depending on your technical needs (performance, relability, scalability,…):

What I want to achieve is describe here:
I have been struggling a while setting up this configuration.

Executive Summary:


    • pay attention to the configuration of the trust domain otherwise you will end up with pending XA transaction ?!
    • default mode will give you the following exception
    ] is not authorized to invoke GetSubCoordinatorInfo on a SubCoordinator.>
    ] is not authorized to invoke ackPrepare on a Coordinator.>
  • Credentials are not needed with domain trust

Note 06/11/2013: Another tested & working configuration

  • on each domain, do not ticked Cross Domain Security Enabled
  • but provide just the same password for the 2 domain on which you need to exechaneg JMS message
  • the configuration Security Interoperability Mode can be left to default

Note 06/11/2013: Another tested & working configuration for clustered configuration

  • on each domain, do not ticked Cross Domain Security Enabled
  • but provide just the same password for the 2 domain on which you need to exechaneg JMS message
  • Modify your factory properties FactoryProperties=java.naming.factory.initial=weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory;java.naming.provider.url=t3://node1:8701,node2:8703

Below the test BPEL process :

<!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?-->
<!-- Generated by Oracle SOA Modeler version at [10/20/13 9:26 PM]. -->




Below, the configuration of the JMS JCA Adapter

  <!--    eis/mid70/AdminQueue    eis/mid70/Queue     ./qUUDChenda   SOAJMSServer_auto_2@jms/qUDDChenda   -->

Here are some details oy my testing:

Screenshot Description
JMSAdapter_remote_1 Add details here
JMSAdapter_remote_0 Add details here
JMSAdapter_remote_1 Add details here
JMSAdapter_remote_2 Add details here
JMSAdapter_remote_3 Add details here
JMSAdapter_remote_4 Add details here
JMSAdapter_remote_5 Add details here
JMSAdapter_remote_6 Add details here
JMSAdapter_remote_7 Add details here
JMSAdapter_remote_8 Add details here
JMSAdapter_remote_9 Add details here
JMSAdapter_remote_10 Add details here
JMSAdapter_remote_11 Add details here
JMSAdapter_remote_12 Add details here

More details to come …

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