Retrieving SOA payload from SOA-INFRA tables using Groovy as a scripting language

Sometimes, it is useful to programmatically retrieve payload from soa-infra tables store by SOA/BPEL persistence API.
As an administrator of the SOA platform, you can build a simple groovy script to retrieve the SOA payload and store the content in a file.
This can also be done from EM (if the audit level is set in development mode), but sometimes it is helpful to script this action using a scripting language like Groovy.

Groovy can be downloaded from here: To install it, just unzip it and adapt your environment to have it in your path.
The way of how SOA Suite 11Grx is storing the payload as a BLOB needs a little investigation, as the class oracle.sql.BLOB can not be used as-is to store the File. In order to achieve what we want, you need to use the Oracle XML API implementation as described here:

I will provide the groovy script as is just for a demo. You can then build your own SOA script to monitor your Oracle SOA Suite solution.

set MIDLEWARE_HOME=E:\middleware\mid70
groovy -cp "%MIDLEWARE_HOME%\Oracle_SOA1\inventory\Scripts\ext\jlib\ojdbc6.jar;%MIDLEWARE_HOME%\Oracle_SOA1\inventory\Scripts\ext\jlib\xmlparserv2.jar;" soa_infra_bob.groovy


import groovy.sql.Sql
import oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLDOMImplementation
import oracle.xml.binxml.BinXMLStream
import oracle.xml.binxml.BinXMLDecoder
import oracle.xml.binxml.BinXMLProcessor
import oracle.xml.scalable.InfosetReader
import oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLDocument
import oracle.xml.binxml.BinXMLProcessorFactory

sql = Sql.newInstance("", "DEV_SOAINFRA", "Password", "oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver")

sqlSOA = """
	select, xml_document.document_id, xml_document.document, DBMS_LOB.GETLENGTH(xml_document.document)
	from xml_document,
	where xml_document.document_id = instance_payload.payload_key
	and instance_payload.instance_id =
	and instance_payload.instance_type='composite'
	and xml_document.DOCUMENT_TYPE = 2
	and instance_payload.instance_id = 510001

rowInstance = sql.firstRow(sqlSOA)
blobInstance = (oracle.sql.BLOB)rowInstance[2]

byteStreamInstance = blobInstance.getBinaryStream()
if( byteStreamInstance == null ) {
  println "Test: Received null stream!"
} else {

   blob_size = blobInstance.length()
   println "Blob size: $blob_size"
   //byte[] byte_array_test = new byte[blob_size]
   // Write to a file - NOT working as Oracle BLOB specific
   // def fos= new FileOutputStream('c:/tmp/soa_instance_blob_output.xml')
   // fos.write(byte_array_test);
   // fos.close()

	XMLDOMImplementation domimpl = new XMLDOMImplementation();
	BinXMLProcessor proc = BinXMLProcessorFactory.createProcessor();
     BinXMLStream inpbin = proc.createBinXMLStream(blobInstance);
     BinXMLDecoder dec = inpbin.getDecoder();
     InfosetReader xmlreader = dec.getReader();
     XMLDocument doc = (XMLDocument)domimpl.createDocument(xmlreader);
   def fos= new FileOutputStream('c:/tmp/soa_instance_blob_output.xml')


and the expected result is:

C:\Users\Chenda\Documents>groovy -cp "E:\middleware\mid70\Oracle_SOA1\inventory\Scripts\ext\jlib\ojdbc6.jar;E:\middleware\mid70\Oracle_SOA1\inventory\Scripts\ext\jlib\xmlparserv2.jar;" soa_infra_bob.groovy
Blob size: 149

<bpel:process xmlns:bpel="">
         <bpel:input>gero et</bpel:input>

Of course, this is a “hack” way to do it and hopefully, Oracle has provided some higher level API to interact with your SOA Application.  This is documented here:

More to come …

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