Fusion Apps / IDM Node / Startup & Shutdown Scripts

* Script name: startall_idm.sh

#Script name: startall_idm.sh
. /home/fusion/.bash_profile
echo "Starting database listener"
lsnrctl start
echo "Starting Database"
sqlplus / as sysdba << EOF
cd /app/oracle/products/app/wlserver_10.3/server/bin
echo "Starting Node Manager"
nohup ./startNodeManager.sh > /tmp/node.out &
echo "Starting Oracle Internet Directory (OID)"
/app/oracle/config/instances/oid1/bin/opmnctl startall
cd /app/oracle/config/domains/IDMDomain/bin
echo "Starting Weblogic Admin Server"
nohup ./startWebLogic.sh > /tmp/admin.out &
sleep 60
echo "Starting Managed Servers"
nohup ./startManagedWebLogic.sh wls_oam1 > /tmp/wls_oam1.out &
sleep 60
nohup ./startManagedWebLogic.sh wls_ods1 > /tmp/wls_ods1.out &
sleep 60
nohup ./startManagedWebLogic.sh wls_oim1 > /tmp/wls_oim1.out &
sleep 60
nohup ./startManagedWebLogic.sh wls_soa1 > /tmp/wls_soa1.out &
sleep 120
echo "Starting Oracle HTTP Server (web)"
/app/oracle/config/instances/ohs1/bin/opmnctl startall

* Script name: stopall_idm.sh

# Script name: stopall_idm.sh
. /home/fusion/.bash_profile
echo "Stopping Oracle HTTP Server (web)"
/app/oracle/config/instances/ohs1/bin/opmnctl stopall

echo "Stopping Managed Servers"
cd /app/oracle/config/domains/IDMDomain/bin
./stopManagedWebLogic.sh wls_ods1
./stopManagedWebLogic.sh wls_oim1
./stopManagedWebLogic.sh wls_soa1
./stopManagedWebLogic.sh wls_oam1

echo "Stopping Weblogic Admin Server"
sleep 120

echo "Stopping Oracle Internet Directory (OID)"
/app/oracle/config/instances/oid1/bin/opmnctl stopall

echo "Stopping Database"
sqlplus / as sysdba << EOF
shutdown immediate;

echo "Stopping database listener"
lsnrctl stop

echo "Manually killing Node Manager process"
ps -ef | grep NodeManager | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill -9

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19 years of hands on experience in software design and development with emphasis on Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Identity Management (IDM) solutions. I’m a software engineer, member of the professional service delivery team working for Salesforce. Prior to this, I worked for Oracle as Solution Architect, through SeeBeyond(06/2005), then SUN’s acquisition (04/2009). After my master’s degree in computer science in 1997; I always delivered consulting on architecture, design, implementation on integration’s field. I’m interested in architecture using EAI/SOA/IDM/BPM/Cloud technologies, software development and Java’s related technologies. I may blog about my work/activities at Salesforce, but I do not speak for my employer, past, present or future.
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