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Fusion Application Installation : Provisionning time for all fusion module

This is a summary of my configuration: OVM 3.2.6 Vitualization Oracle Fusion Application, all fusion module installed IDM Host: (idmdb + IDM applications) Processor Speed (GHz): 2.93 Processor Model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5570 @ 2.93GHz – Sockets Filled: … Continue reading

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OCFS2 File system and Snapshot with REFLINK

Digging into an efficient backup solution for my VM end me up to read OCFS2 File system used by Oracle VM and I discover one of it powerful capability : snapshot-ting with REFLINK. This feature allows a regular user … Continue reading

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yum install oracle-validated for Oracle Enterprise Linux 5

To install an oracle database on linux, use the oracle-validated package from the Oracle Repository to satisfy all the system per-requisite: You should have the following output:

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OVM image file backup with tar and pigz to speed up archive process

After installing Oracle Fusion Application 11.1.7 on my OVM Server 3.2.6, I end up with at least 500Gb file for my Oracle VM. I almost spend 2 full days to install it, due to the *very long* installation process. So, … Continue reading

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Fusion Apps / FA Node / Startup & Shutdown Scripts

* Script name: * Script name:

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