Fusion Application Installation : Provisionning time for all fusion module

This is a summary of my configuration:
OVM 3.2.6 Vitualization
Oracle Fusion Application, all fusion module installed
IDM Host: idmhost.home.fr (idmdb + IDM applications)

  • Processor Speed (GHz): 2.93
  • Processor Model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5570 @ 2.93GHz – Sockets Filled: 2
  • Memmory 20 GB

FA Host: fahost.home.fr (fadb + IDM applications)

  • Processor Speed (GHz): 2.26
  • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5520 @ 2.27GHz – Sockets Filled: 2
  • Memmory 144 GB

For reference, I just summarize the time taken for provisioning Fusion Application with all fusion module installed. This will help you to schedule your installation process and do something else during the provisonning process.

Phase Description
Step 1 : IDMHOST runIDMProvisioning-preverify Total time: 24 seconds
Step 2 : IDMHOST runIDMProvisioning-install Total time: 119 minutes 19 seconds
Step 3 : IDMHOST runIDMProvisioning-preconfigure Total time: 38 minutes 43 seconds
Step 4 : IDMHOST runIDMProvisioning-configure Total time: 17 minutes 43 seconds
Step 5 : IDMHOST runIDMProvisioning-configure-secondary Total time: 3 minutes 44 seconds
Step 6 : IDMHOST runIDMProvisioning-postconfigure Total time: 24 minutes 22 seconds
Step 7 : IDMHOST runIDMProvisioning-startup Total time: 19 minutes 56 seconds
Step 8 : IDMHOST runIDMProvisioning-validate Total time: 1 minute 23 seconds
Step 1 : FAHOST runProvisioning-preverify Total time: 9 minutes 18 seconds
Step 2 : FAHOST runProvisioning-install Total time: 123 minutes 2 seconds
Step 3 : FAHOST runProvisioning-preconfigure Total time: 30 minutes 9 seconds
Step 4 : FAHOST runProvisioning-configure Total time: 42 minutes 25 seconds
Step 5 : FAHOST runProvisioning-configure-secondary Total time: 11 minutes 35 seconds
Step 6 : FAHOST runProvisioning-postconfigure Total time: 369 minutes 17 seconds
Step 7 : FAHOST runProvisioning-startup Total time: 80 minutes 53 seconds
Step 8 : FAHOST runProvisioning-validate Total time: 98 minutes 30 seconds

Attached my installation logs file to get more details informations:
– IDMHost installation logs file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nj7w7ncamzh07q5/fusion_idmhost.logs.tgz
– FAHost installation logs file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kf7oxycboh6clxg/fusion_fahost_installation_logs.tgz


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