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Java error: Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar ovm_rasproxy-signed.jar

After updating to the latest version of JAVA to v7u67, I cannot launch my OVM console anymore, and got this security error To solve this, just add your URL to the security panel of your Java Control Panel. Attached, the … Continue reading

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Fast Data Transfer between different hosts

I had some doubt about my OVM configuration running an Oracle Linux Server. The transfer rate from winscp (windows desktop machine – network card with 1 Gbps) to my dom-0 machine (100Mbs) was pretty bad and it’s a know problem, … Continue reading

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Automate SSH login without password

Here are a quick reminder to automate an ssh login without providing a password: On the source machine Enter the password to connect to the target machine. Now you are ready to login without entering the password.

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Installing git on Oracle Linux (Tikanga)

Here are the basic steps to install a command line git on your linux system. As a root user, issue the following commands: This should be available for all your linux users defined in your system. I will use this … Continue reading

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