Automate SSH login without password

Here are a quick reminder to automate an ssh login without providing a password:
On the source machine

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048
ssh-copy-id -i /home/user/.ssh/ user@oraclehost (target machine)
ssh user@oraclehost

Enter the password to connect to the target machine. Now you are ready to login without entering the password.


About Chenda Mok

19 years of hands on experience in software design and development with emphasis on Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Identity Management (IDM) solutions. I’m a software engineer, member of the professional service delivery team working for Salesforce. Prior to this, I worked for Oracle as Solution Architect, through SeeBeyond(06/2005), then SUN’s acquisition (04/2009). After my master’s degree in computer science in 1997; I always delivered consulting on architecture, design, implementation on integration’s field. I’m interested in architecture using EAI/SOA/IDM/BPM/Cloud technologies, software development and Java’s related technologies. I may blog about my work/activities at Salesforce, but I do not speak for my employer, past, present or future.
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