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Community user self-registration process – How to overcome the MIXED_DML_OPERATION error in a single transaction ?

Problem Your company use Salesforce Community to allow your customer or partner to interact with your Salesforce CRM. You will provide a self-registration process to your external identities to self register and immediately having access to you community portal. However, you might end-up … Continue reading

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Changing Identity Provider without impacting the user experience

Problem Your company wants to migrate from an on-premise Identity Provider to a cloud based identity Provider. In this scenario, I want to migrate users from OpenAM IDP to Salesforce IDP. Now, how can you switch to the new IDP … Continue reading

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Tech – Seamless access to two applications SAML protected by openAM as IDP and Salesforce as IDP/ IDP Chaining / OpenAM->Salesforce

Context EndUser profile page (Application A) is a hosted Web page on OpenAM12. It display the profile of the logged user Heroku WebApp (Application B) is an external web application hosted on Heroku platform Salesforce Org is configured both as an Identity Provider … Continue reading

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