About Me

19 years of hands on experience in software design and development with emphasis on Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), Identity Management (IDM) and Service Virtualization solutions; most of my time working for a software Vendor.

I’m a Program Architect, member of Consulting Professional Service Team working for Salesforce France (10/2014). Prior to this, I worked as Sr Solution Architect for Oracle which I join through SeeBeyond(03/2002), then through SUN’s acquisition (04/2009). After my master’s degree in computer science in 1997; I always deliver consulting on architecture, design, implementation and project delivery on integration’s field. At Salesforce, I will start as Program Architect role which is a nice mixture between functional and technical skills, helping customer to succeed and grow with our products’s portfolio. At Oracle, I’m involved in varied position: client-facing consultancy, solution architecture, working with technology partners and technical problem resolution. I often act as trusted advisor / technical referent on customer’s site and i love solving business issues with technical solutions, either with or without our product :-). One of my strength are :
* my capability to embrace complex Enterprise Business Solution implementation with different vendor’s solution
* my capability to learn and work fast in agile and complex environment
For people/customers who have worked with me, i never give up on technical problem resolution probably because I’m passionate about what i am doing.

I’m interested in architecture using EAI/SOA/IDM/BPM/Cloud technologies, software development and Java’s related technologies. I may blog about my work/activities at Salesforce, but I do not speak for my employer, past, present or future.

Education & Career:
* 1st October 2014- until Now: Salesforce France – Software/Cloud Editor
* July 2010- 30 September 2014: Oracle France – Software Editor & Hardware Vendor
* Sep 2005-May 2010: Sun Microsystem – Oracle acquired Sun in july 2010 – Software Editor & Hardware Vendor
* Mar 2001-Aug 2005: Seebeyond – Sun acquired SeeBeyond in August 2005 – EAI Software Editor
* Sept 1999-Fev 2001: Dataverse, now Devoteam – IT Service Company
* Jun 1997-August 1999: Full Resource Associate, now Business Interactive – IT Service Company
* 1997 : DESS Génie Informatique / Université Paris XIII / Institut Galilée – Génie Logiciel ((Master’s degree in computer science / SYSTEMS ENGINEERING option)


Seebeyond’s Products:

  • e*Gate Basic & Advanced Training, 09/2001 (EAI)
  • e*Insight 4.5 – 03/2002 (BPEL)
  • e*Xchange 4.5 – 03/2002 (B2B)
  • ICAN 5.0.x – 11/2003 (SOA/BPEL)
  • JCAPS 5.1.x – 11/2006 (SOA/BPEL)
  • JCAPS 6.1.x – 11/2006 (SOA/BPEL)

Sun’s Products:

  • Glassfish ESB – 04/2009
  • Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition / ODSEE 6.3 – 10/2010
  • Access Manager 7.0 – 11/2010
  • OpenSSO 8.0 – 11/2010
  • IDM Waveset 8.0 – 11/2010

VMware’s Products:

  • VM Ware ESXi 4.1 – 12/2010

Oracle’s Products:

  • Oracle Service Bus – 11/2009
  • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring / BAM – 12/2011
  • Oracle Application Integration Architecture / AIA 11gR1 – 05/2011: Communications PIP: Process Integration Pack
    • O2C: Order to Cash
    • AABC: Agent Assisted Billing Care
    • MDM: Master Data Management : option Siebel CRM, option Oracle Ebusiness Suite, option Oracle BRM

Salesforce’s Products:

  • Salesforce’s product since 10/2014
  • My Certifications
    • ADM201
    • DEV401
    • ADM211
    • Service Cloud
    • Sales Cloud

Language and integration platform

  • Java and related technologies: J2EE, EJB, aspectJ, Groovy
  • XML related technologies: xsd, xpath, xquery, xslt, …
  • Integration & continuous integration technologies: maven, jenkins, artifactory, …
  • Application Server: weblogic, glassfish,websphere…
  • Database: Oracle & MySQL
  • OpenSSO (STS, Web Agent), OpenAM (SAML IDP/SP)
  • OS: unix, linux, windows


linkedin : http://fr.linkedin.com/pub/chenda-mok/0/32a/246

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