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Portable adf-config.xml with JDevelopper

On my current project assignment, we use JDevelopper to develop BPEL process. As you might notice, JDevelopper use a hidden folder .adf where it store configuration file to acess MDS location for example (.adf\META-INF\adf-config.xml). As we use different platform (windows … Continue reading

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Using JCA Salesforce Adapter with SOA Suite

Oracle Cloud Adapter for is certified only with SOA Suite This JCA adapter can be download from The pre-requisite is to install: Oracle Cloud Adapter for Salesforce ( and Latest Opatch version Where Can I Find … Continue reading

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BPEL Threading model in SOA 11g

BPEL Threading model in SOA 11g Reference: ThreadPool Name Property value Invoke Thread Pool (for asynchronous invocations) or Dispatcher Invoke Thread dspInvokeThreads min=1 default=20 Total number of threads allocated to process invocation dispatcher messages. Invocation dispatcher messages are generated … Continue reading

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SOA 11g Audit Trail : Programmatically Managing SOA Composite Applications with the Facade API using Groovy Scripting

My previous postĀ  was dealing about how retrieve the SOA payload from the database using SQL statement and Oracle XML API. In this post, I will use the Oracle facade API to interact with the SOA composite application, achieving the … Continue reading

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SOA/BPEL publishing to a remote JMS queue using JMSAdapter

AFAIK, there are multiple way for a SOA/BPEL process to publish to a remote JMS Queue. The following link can be applied depending on your technical needs (performance, relability, scalability,…): SAF agent service (Store and Forward) : Message bridge … Continue reading

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Oracle SOA/BPEL top-down or contract-first approach: not as simple to implement as expected …

The Oracle documentation state that both approach top-down and bottom-up can be used to design SOA composite application. TheĀ top-down or contract-first approach forces the designer to focus on messages and contracts (create the data contract in XSD and the … Continue reading

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SOA BPEL project : HelloWorld

Here is my contribution to the classical “Hello World” program in BPEL 2.0 It shows the details steps from development to deployment. ScreenShots URL Description Add details here Add details here Add details here Add details here Add details here … Continue reading

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