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Fast Data Transfer between different hosts

I had some doubt about my OVM configuration running an Oracle Linux Server. The transfer rate from winscp (windows desktop machine – network card with 1 Gbps) to my dom-0 machine (100Mbs) was pretty bad and it’s a know problem, … Continue reading

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vt-x is not available; use PVM instead of HVM if you need to run VirtualBox inside your guest machine

You get this error when you try to run a VirtualBox inside on a physical machine which has not activated the support of VT-x from the bios. But how to solve this issue when you want to run a VirtualBox … Continue reading

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OCFS2 File system and Snapshot with REFLINK

Digging into an efficient backup solution for my VM end me up to read OCFS2 File system used by Oracle VM and I discover one of it powerful capability : snapshot-ting with REFLINK. This feature allows a regular user … Continue reading

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OVM image file backup with tar and pigz to speed up archive process

After installing Oracle Fusion Application 11.1.7 on my OVM Server 3.2.6, I end up with at least 500Gb file for my Oracle VM. I almost spend 2 full days to install it, due to the *very long* installation process. So, … Continue reading

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Installing Ubuntu 13.10 on Oracle VM server 3.2.6

Even if this OS is not supported officially, you can install the Ubuntu Desktop 13.10 on your OVM server 3.2.6 When installing OS (Windows; *Nix like, or Ubuntu), you might select USB mouse Tablet for the mouse device, otherwise, you … Continue reading

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Oracle VM Templates

Oracle VM template speeds up the installation process of Oracle software by providing template (extension tgz or tbz) for admnistrator. Template can be downloaded from or from Assembly File = OVA File Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database … Continue reading

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Oracle VM Server installation process (version 3.2.6)

The installationĀ  of theĀ  ovm server (3.2.6) is pretty simple and straightforward as Oracle provided a wizzard to accomplish all the steps (duration 1h). Theses instruction are intended for a demo usage only. Please refer to the official oracle documentation … Continue reading

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