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Mac OSX 10.11 El Capitan under ESXi 6 – Accessing my Mac from anywhere

Having a mac is mandatory if you want to start developingĀ a mobile app for iPhone. As i’m a fan of virtualization, and I need to access this virtual Mac from anywhere, i manage to build my own demo lab using … Continue reading

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Salesforce as IDP and SAML Heroku App as SP – Sample SAML Exchange

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OpenAM as IDP and Salesforce Partner Community as SP – Sample SAML Exchange

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Exposing OpenAM 12 instance on the internet

Problem How can we expose an OpenAM instance on the internet ? Background Working with Salesforce often need to connect to an external IDP. I had previous experience working on OpenSSO 8.0 instance. So I will use the OpenSource version … Continue reading

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Jenkins Chatter Plugin

There is a nice plugin called JenkinsChatterPluginĀ  which allow you to post to a Chatter group after a post-build action. Clone it (or get the compiled version) and installed it as a plugin in Jenkins.

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Parallel development stream with Git using Branching & Merging

Here is an example of sequence to handle Multiple Team development with Git Branching & Merging

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Sequence Diagram for a git usage (remote and local) with GitHub

Here is a sequence diagram to explain the git command I used the most. It include a cloud repository using GitHub or any sort of:

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Git project open from or MavenMate IDEs

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It might be useful to open and edit Salesforce’s project from github location. Let’s showcase this with a sample projet like To do this, you need to have either: eclipse with egit plugin installed, or SublimeText with MavensMate plugin … Continue reading

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Continuuous Integration and Release Management Platform Overview

I have setup the following platform in my VM Machine in order to automatize some tasks when using Salesforce. I hate manual action (Point and Click) and it’s rewarding to see that each manual action could potentially be automatize using … Continue reading

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Salesforce Business Logic Execution Order

Find below a diagram describing the business logic order that are used to evaluate Rules in Salesforce:

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