Integration with Salesforce from external world

There are multiple ways to integrate with Salesforce platform if you are external users or system or service. Salesforce is CRM software and enterprise cloud computing solutions. It offers great capabilities in term of integration, and let you focus on business challenge instead of dealing with technologies constraints (installation & configuration). I start reading the pretty well documented workbooks on Salesforce architecture and platform, and like to get hands-on to evaluate the product. Let’s use my integration background to communicate with Salesforce platform. I will approach this integration using one (easiest) angle; through Web Service integration. I have list 4 ways to integrate with Salesforce platform (without being exhaustive):

First, you need to have a Salesforce account by creating a free trial account. To have a better insight of the Salesforce platform, check the Salesforce Workbooks Reference.
Once created, you will receive an email from Salesforce to start using their multi-tenant platform. Your user name will be your email address, your password will be the one set during the registration phase; and you will receive a security token . For some desktop client like outlook, SOAPUI and IDE (Salesforce eclipse plugin), you must add a security token to your password in order to log in (not needed when you logged in with Salesforce website).

You can download the different WSDL that Salesforce exposed. For that, go to Setup > Build > Develop > API . Unfortunately the WSDL use SOAP 1.1 binding instead of SOAP 1.2 binding.


Thanks for reading.