Salesforce Security Sharing Model or the layer of visibility

I have been quite busy dealing with my on-going Salesforce’s certification since I join Salesforce 1st of October 2014 as a Program Architect. You can check my progression from here. Having no prior Salesforce experience for me is a big advantage :

  • Salesforce allow us to be certified and get our hands on dirty with a lots of impressive internal training, amongst as they way employees shared their experience via Chatter’s group.
  • starting learning with a product which is quite mature, as the documentation is pretty well organized & documented as I manage to find answers to all my questions

Preparing theses certifications took me a lots of time and energy, as I have two big challenge to overcome : the Salesforce product itself and the CRM’s functionality. Hopefully, I had previous experience on integrating Oracle’s AIA Framework with Siebel, which helps me to understand theses CRM’s concept.
I have to admit that certifications are well organized and structured as the order to pass them allow us to gain deeper insight into Salesforce’s product and functionality (ADM201, DEV401, ADM211, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud).
During theses preparations, I ended up with +200 pages of notes, that I will try to consolidated in next posts. One most important concept is the Security Model used by Salesforce. Below a diagram depicting how it’s works, based on what I have understand. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Salesforce Security Sharing Model - Layer of visibility - New Page

Salesforce Security Sharing Model – Layer of visibility

Below, some post on the following topics:

Thanks for reading.