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How to expose a public Salesforce Web Service using a top-down approach (contract first) WSDL interface ?

Problem How can we expose a public Web service using Salesforce (e.g no authentication needed to access this web service) ? Let’s add some challenge by using a WSDL contract imposed by your service Provider and that you have to … Continue reading

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Using Maven and JAX-WS to call Salesforce’s API

I have setup for my own usage a development platform using Maven with Artifactory in order to speed up and ease my development process. In order to validate this platform, i decided to call a Web Service exposed by Salesforce … Continue reading

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Using JCA Salesforce Adapter with SOA Suite

Oracle Cloud Adapter for Salesforce.com is certified only with SOA Suite This JCA adapter can be download from https://edelivery.oracle.com/. The pre-requisite is to install: Oracle Cloud Adapter for Salesforce (p17897781_111170_Generic.zip and p17996952_111170_Generic.zip) Latest Opatch version Where Can I Find … Continue reading

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Using SOAPUI to call Salesforce API

Once you get the enterprise.wsdl from Salesforce, it is pretty easy to use SOAPUI in order to evaluate/test quickly the service contract exposed by Salesforce. Choose the login service in order to get a session and server URL for the … Continue reading

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